Product Category
Photo Name Series Type Feature Operating Temperature Range°C Working Voltage Range Capacitance Range Load life
CT8G High Voltage Doorknob Ceramic Capacitor CT8G Series high voltage doorknob ceramic capacitor              ... -30°C ~ +85°C 10KVdc ~ 100KVdc 100pf~6000pf
CCG81 RF Power plate ceramic capacitor MXCCG81 CCG81  RF power disc / plate ceramic capacitor...             &nb... -25°C ~ +85°C 5KV to 30KVDC 100pF to 6000pF 10 years
CT81 High voltage disc ceramic capacitor CT81 CT81 High voltage disc ceramic capacitor                 &nb... -30°C ~ +85°C 5KV ‐50KVDC 100pF ‐10,000pF 10 years
30KV 500pf doorknob capacitor 30KVdc 500pf doorknob ceramic capacitor                 &nbs... -30°C ~ +85°C 30KVdc 500pf 10 years
20KV 1000pf disc ceramic capacitor CT81102K20KV 20KVdc 1000pf disc ceramic capacitor                   ... -30°C ~ +85°C 20KV 1000pf 10 years
RF High-Q Multilayer Ceramic Capcitor CC41/RF RF High-Q Multilayer Ceramic Capcitor High-Q MLCC For Radio Frequency .Features ◆High Q, U...
High Power High-Q MLCC CC41  High Power High-Q Mulilayer Ceramic CapacitorHigh power high-Q MLCC for General-use is class I... -30°C ~ +85°C 500Vdc to 7000Vdc 82pF to 10000pF 10 years
Multilayer Chip Ceramic Capacitor CC41 / CT41 COG/COH MLCC for general-use COG MLCC for General-use is class I high frequency capacitor, its capac... -30°C ~ +85°C 6.3V to 100V 10pf ~ 47uf 10 years
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