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CCG81 RF Power plate ceramic capacitor
Product Name:CCG81 RF Power plate ceramic capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-25°C ~ +85°C
Working Voltage Range:5KV to 30KVDC
Capacitance Range:100pF to 6000pF
Load life:10 years

CCG81  RF power disc / plate ceramic capacitor...                                                     

Capacitance100pF to 6000pF
Voltage Rating5KV to 30KVDC
HF Voltage rating3KVrms to 22KVrms
Test Voltage:10KVdc to 45KVdc
Power rating:30KVA to 150KVA
Max current:15A to 60A
Type:RF power disc / plate ceramic capacitor
Temperature coefficient:-750 PPM/ ℃ 
Dissipation factor:<=0.0008
Operating temperature:-25/+85°C
Insulation resistance:>=10000 MΩ
Size:As datasheet

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