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30KV 500pf doorknob capacitor
Product Name:30KV 500pf doorknob capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-30°C ~ +85°C
Working Voltage Range:30KVdc
Capacitance Range:500pf
Load life:10 years

30KVdc 500pf doorknob ceramic capacitor                                                          

Capacitance500pf ±10%
Voltage Rating30KVdc, 20KVrms
Test Voltage:25KVrms, 1min 50/60HZ
Lightning impulse:65KV / (1.2/50 μs), (+) 15 impulse, (-) 15 impulse
Partial discharge:<10PC at 20KVrms
Dielectric :
Operating temperature:-30/+85°C
Dissipation factor:< 0.2% (1kHz/1VRMS/20ºC)
Insulation resistance:>100GΩ(1000VD/20ºC/60s)
Size:D:31mm, T:27.5mm, H:30mm, M5
Features:Excellent behavior on pulse and fast discharge conditions
Excellent capacitance vs voltage characteristic
Low dissipation factor
Very low Corona effect
Coated and uncoated devices available
Applications:High-voltage supply for gas lasers
High-voltage dividers
Marx generators
Power generators
High-voltage power supply
High-voltage coupling devices
Power line coupling system for Internet & Telecom

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