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CT81 High voltage disc ceramic capacitor
Product Name:CT81 High voltage disc ceramic capacitor
Operating Temperature Range°C:-30°C ~ +85°C
Working Voltage Range:5KV ‐50KVDC
Capacitance Range:100pF ‐10,000pF
Load life:10 years

CT81 High voltage disc ceramic capacitor                                                          

Capacitance100pF ‐10,000pF
Voltage Rating5KVdc-50KVdc
Test Voltage:1.5 rated voltage
Type:High voltage radial disc ceramic
Temperature coefficient:+22%, -33%
Dielectric :
Operating temperature:-25/+85°C
Dissipation factor:< 0.5% (1kHz/1VRMS/20ºC)
Insulation resistance:10000Mohm min.
Size:D:7mm, T:7mm, F:7.5mm
Features:Small size
Excellent heat-proof, humidity-proof and highdielectric
strength voltage.
Coated with flame-retardant epoxy resin.
Applications:Color TV doublers and triplers
High voltage DC power supplies (PPCs, X-ray
apparatus, air cleaner, lasers, etc.)
Tuning capacitor in focus circuit for display

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