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High Power High-Q MLCC
Product Name:High Power High-Q MLCC
Operating Temperature Range°C:-30°C ~ +85°C
Working Voltage Range:500Vdc to 7000Vdc
Capacitance Range:82pF to 10000pF
Load life:10 years
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High Power High-Q Mulilayer Ceramic Capacitor

High power high-Q MLCC for General-use is class I high frequency capacitor.

RF High Q High Power Chip Ceramic

• Capacitance Range: 82pF to 10000pF
• High Q, Low ESR/ESL, low noise, high self‐resonance
• High RF Power, High reliability, Ultra Stable Performanc
• Operating Voltages
  DC Voltage: 500Vdc to 7000Vdc
  RF Voltage: 250Vrms to 5000Vrms
• MRI Coils
• HF/RF Power Amplifiers, Plasma Chambers
• Antenna Tuning, High Power RF Transmitters
• Inductive Heating
• Semiconductor Equipment