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Multilayer Chip Ceramic Capacitor
Product Name:Multilayer Chip Ceramic Capacitor
Series:CC41 / CT41
Operating Temperature Range°C:-30°C ~ +85°C
Working Voltage Range:6.3V to 100V
Capacitance Range:10pf ~ 47uf
Load life:10 years
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COG/COH MLCC for general-use

COG MLCC for General-use is class I high frequency capacitor, its capacitance is very stable, almost will not change along with the temperature, voltage and time. Specially be suitable for high frequency circuits.


◆The capacitance is very stable, its operating temperature is -55℃~125℃,within the range, the temperature coefficient is O+30ppm/℃,O+60ppm/℃.

◆ It has multi-layer monolithic structure, has high reliability.

◆It has good solder ability and soldering resistance, suitable for flow/reflow soldering.


◆It is suitable for all kinds of high frequency circuits.

CC41 CT41 Multilayer Ceramic capacitor
• Wide selection of size : from 0402 to 2220
• Wide capacitance range
• Wide temperature compensation from C0G to Y5V
• Wide voltage range from 6.3V to 50V
• Applications:
• HHP, DSC, DVC, LCD, TV, Car Navigation, Memory Module
PDA, Game Machine